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March 28,  2019

Save NYC Carriage Horses
From Radical
Animal Rights Activists
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Today we’re asking that you contact NYC Council Member Justin Brannan to ask that he oppose intro 1425 “NYC carriage horse 90 degree heat index suspension” bill! You can speak to him as a constituent in NYC, or tourist or equestrian from anywhere else. Phone calls are best but you can e-mail him as well. We love all your comments on this page, but it’s NYC council members that need to hear them if we have any chance of stopping this bill! Please share this post as well.

Call: 718-748-5200 or 212-788-7363

Speaking Points:
*The bill is excessive and unnecessary! Equine experts estimate horses are good to work at heat indexes of 110-120, have light work at 130-150, and would be dangerous to be out at 180. No carriage industry uses a heat index that low. (Charleston uses 95 degrees and heat index of 110.) Under this bill horses could be suspended from work at 79 degrees when it’s lightly raining.

*There is no cause to make these changes! The current regulations of suspending carriage operations at 90 degrees are already the lowest in the country and work because not one NYC carriage horse has collapsed, had respiratory issues, or any negative impact on their health due to heat related issues which equine vets that examine them have confirmed.

*The bill causes a great business loss! Carriage drivers were sent in due to heat suspensions 33 times last summer with the day shift being able to complete a couple rides before temperatures rose later in the day on most days. Under this bill they would have been sent in 55 times without the day shift operating at all most of those days. This will financially cripple drivers who rely on that income for their family and the costly upkeep of their horses. It will also hurt tourism as many people take carriage rides in the busy summer season when children are out of school.

*It’s a corrupt carriage horse ban bill in disguise! This bill is being pushed out by NYCLASS who doesn’t have a single equestrian on their team and is backed by a small animal vet with no experience working on large animals. After failing to ban the industry when city council had no desire to because 61-67% of New Yorkers were against it in Quinnipiac polls for a year straight, NYCLASS is now attempting to regulate it out of business instead. It’s just another step they’re taking on top of using the D.O.T. to move the carriage hackline into Central Park where they are not visible to most walk-up rides while ignoring horse welfare by forcing them to stand on hills when they should be resting between rides on flat ground.

More Info On Intro 1425:

If you have the time please contact all 51 council members, especially these that have co-sponsored intro 1425 as well: Keith Powers (head sponsor), Mark Levine, Robert Holden, Ritchie J. Torres, Margaret Chin, Kalman Yeger, Jumaane Williams, Mark Gjonaj, Mathieu Eugene, Donovan Richards, Helen Rosenthal, Diana Ayala, Inez Barron, Carolina Rivera, Alicka Ampry-Samuel
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