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The bond between humans and animals has been proven throughout history. There is no denying that a well cared for animal will literally devote their lives to their owners. Unfortunately, there is a growing push by animal rights extremists to end that bond.

While social media is a powerful tool in promoting that amazing bond, it is also a cruel weapon used by the groups that want to destroy *our* rights by demanding the rights for the "voiceless."
It is time to fight back and take that power away from these zealots.

The goal of Support Working Animals is to educate and share the wonderful world of the interaction between humans and animals.

It is not just about puppies and kittens anymore. The attacks against science and medical research began decades ago. Because of the power given to these known terrorists, the move to end working animals has gone mainstream. The opposition has successfully taken away your choice of where you can find a pet. They are banning pet stores, promoting illegal raids against breeders and stealing animals from farms and ranches. They are now promoting the end of therapy and service dogs. They succeeded in ending live animals in many venues and will continue to force their belief that a working animal is "enslaved".

One of our goals is to educate the public about the difference between animal rights vs. animal welfare. Of course, we want all animals to be treated humanely. However, anthropomorphic tendencies are detrimental not only to the animals, but to the people whose lives and livelihoods depend on an animal husbandry relationship. Whether it be for agriculture, working, sporting, showing, companionship, service or  breeding purposes. While radical animal rights activists believe that animals should only be viewed from afar, we believe that responsible animal usage is an integral part of everyday life. Animal husbandry provided in a humane manner should be embraced, not vilified

It is time to step up- stand up and fight for all of us.                      Please join us - and welcome!

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